Time wasted in fetching water is now used productively

By August 30, 2020September 24th, 2020Case Studies, Stories of Change-Cloth for Work

Kamala Pujari is from Jhudingjhar village, Thuamul Rampur block, Kalahandi. She walked down every day around 2-3 km to fetch drinking water or manage with downstream contaminated water. It consumed her valuable time and resulted in health risk. The existing drinking water supply facility was disrupted, as the water tank and upstream water pipe was damaged in the flood. When Adhikar approached the villagers with Cloth for Work programme, they voluntarily suggested restoring the water supply. They agreed to contribute labour and received a family kit as wage (it includes clothes, blankets, utensils, sarees, dry ration etc.), for it. With the villagers’ support, the water connection was restored. They rebuild the water supply system with the available material and traditional method. The programme not only restored drinking water facility but also addressed their basic needs of life.