Now She Earns for a Better Tomorrow

By August 29, 2020September 24th, 2020Case Studies, Stories of Change-Livelihood Restoration

Tilotoma, a member of Maa Durga SHG is from Jeypore in Koraput district. In search of employment, she along with her husband had migrated from their village to Jeypore town. Her husband started working as a helper mason and Tilotama was a homemaker. The irregular income of her husband forced them at times to live on one meal a day.

She came to know about Adhikar through one of the existing SHG members in the colony. She borrowed Rs 5000 rupees from Adhikar and started a tea stall. Tilotama is very sincere and hardworking; as a result, her business grew faster. As her business increased she introduced new products in her business and availed a second cycle loan to purchase a permanent shop. She was anxious about her future and a small intervention from Adhikar changed her life.