Doesn’t worry about spending time in fetching water

By August 28, 2020October 21st, 2020Case Studies, Stories of Change-Water & Sanitation

Babina Sahu from Boriguma, Koraput district used to depend on community well in her village and spent 3/4 hours a day to fetch water. Unsafe and untreated water affected children’s health.

Adhikar representatives approached her of having own tapped water connection at home but initially she was reluctant to the idea. As she about the safety and benefit of having tapped drinking water at home, she agreed to the concept.

She borrowed Rs 5000 and got tapped water connection installed in her own house. For last couple of years she doesn’t have to worry about spending time in fetching water or children’s sickness. Adhikar WATSAN project brought smile on her face.