Over the years 4000 people benefited through the programme.


Restored drinking water supply to 76 households in Jhudingjhar village of Kalahandi


420 school children received school kits

Food, Shelter, and Cloth are the basic need of the people. Millions of people suffer due to a lack of food, cloth, shelter, and sanitation. Unfortunately in comparison to food and shelter, the need for cloth is neglected. It is observed that the need for cloth is as important to maintain a decent life.

Our Cloth for Work (CFW) intervention works on these premises to fulfill the bare minimum needs of cloth which is equally important for maintaining a decent living standard. People are given clothes and other household materials against village development work. Additionally, the Shramdan (Contributing Labour) activity helps in creating local assets that strengthen the local economy and streamlines income generation activities.

Having identified the bare need of cloth to live a dignified life, Adhikar in association with Goonj New Delhi initiated Cloth for Work programme in 2016 in Kalahandi district having high concentration of socially and economically weaker sections i.e., Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste communities. They want to live a dignified life but acute poverty compels them to struggle. Initially, the programme was focused in Thuamul Rampur block where 98.53 per cent (Census 2011) of the household is living with a monthly income of fewer than 5000 rupees. The CFW programme not only created asset in the families but also develop asset in the villages like restoration of drinking water facility, repairing of approach roads, digging canal and construction of barricades etc. Over the years Adhikar has reached out to more than 640 households benefiting directly and indirectly around 4000 people in the region.