Safe Migration Project Report

By September 28, 2020October 21st, 2020Project Completed
Sl. No.Major Programme UndertakenDurationSupported ByComponent
1Development of migrant workers & facilitation of money transfer2002-2007CARE & CGAP-Counseling the families of Migrant workers.
-Provision of credit for dependents of Migrant workers.
-Organizes the dependants in cooperative mode.
-Introducing the money remittance facility for the Migrant.
2Integrating the Migrant workers into the mainstream Development ProcessNov. 2013 to Mar.2016JAMSETJII TATA TRUST, Mumbai-Create an effective and friendly resource centre for Migrant workers in the form of Shramik
Sahajog Kendra both at source & destination end.
- Reduce vulnerability against sexual and
occupational diseases.
- Enhance the accessibility of the Migrant workers
to local support services and security nets
through Orientation and information sharing
- To build a platform among the MWs for advocacy
their rights

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