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Seeing the diversified needs of the members Adhikar is implementing varieties of Micro-finance models in which remittance is the innovation of the organization. Adhikar’s basket of products and services can broadly be categorized under four major heads namely, Joint Liability Group(JLG) model , Cooperative model, Remittance model and Banking correspondent model

Micro Finance through JLG model

Micro Credit
Adhikar” has created ‘Sanchayika’-its micro finance wing in 2004 which caters to the credit needs of the rural masses & urban slum dwellers through direct lending based on the “Grameen Model” with the approved name of Adhikar Micro fin. In keeping with the mission, the main activity of Adhikar, centers around provision of small scale financial support to rural and urban poor who are deprived of institutional credit facility for no fault of theirs.

Be a first choice resource in improving the quality of life of 5 lakh clients and their families by 2012.

With commitment, integrity and transparency, we provide financial and related services in a sustainable manner, to enable the poor to achieve social and economic empowerment.

Operational modalities
In conformity with its mission, it has been in constant look for identification of the clusters of needy women where its committed field staff makes spot visits to identify the prospective clients. After ascertaining the genuineness of their needs, and commitment to the concept of improving living conditions through micro financial support, they form JLGs (Joint Liability Groups). The group members are there after, imparted operational training on the disciplines of group lending, utilization, recovery, joint liability systems and procedure, their obligations, etc for five days. The actual lending operations start after the members successfully pass through group test.

Rating: To know the strength & weakness of the programme & quality of product, time to time Adhikar is conducting rating of its services. The credible institution like Mcril twice has conducted rating exercises. For the excellent performance the institution like Mcril has rated Adhikar as Alfa.(-).

Profile of Micro Credit services in Joint liabilities Group Model



For the reach people house is a luxury item. But for a poor people house is a dream and a livelihood asset which brings an identity for him.  For that rightly shelter is attached with the basic need of an individual. But the current sensuous report shows that for more than 40% of married couple has no single room for their living. With this back-drop Adhikar collaborating with ICICI Bank took a challenge to finance Rs.20000/- to 530 poor house holds for construction and repair of the house. The response of the programme is excellent and subsequently a huge demand is for the further financing, which requires a large investment.

Profile of the Housing Loan Product with JLG Model 

Poor people are always vulnerable to accidents as they are frequently exposed to various hazardous works.  But very few of them are covered under the insurance policies. So it is a great challenge for the insurance sector as well as for the civil society organizations to cover this large segment of vulnerable poor people. Adhikar as the part of the civil society organization have tried to reach the unreached mass both in micro finance and micro insurance products. These insurance products are not only covering the life of the person but it also insure the investment   done by the  Adhikar.

Profile of the Insurance product with JLG model  (Dynamic)

Product wise members covered

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