It begins with the civil society – with small initiate of innovative and sustainable action can make us change agents to write a glorious history in the lives of the marginal.

Mr. Mohammad Nooruddin AminFounder

Over a span of two years there is a technological revolution that not only scaled up the awareness level across the socio-economic hierarchy but also provided a platform to improve the quality of life of people in the bottom of the pyramid. In this context I am writing this note to you. Adhikar is one of the leading non-profit organizations committed to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the poor. While Adhikar is celebrating its 28th birthday we have touched the lives of more than 2 lakhs people living in some of the aspirational districts of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Assam and West Bengal.

I take this opportunity to congratulate my colleagues, team members, funding partners, and service providers who enabled us to achieve milestones as we walked on and make meaningful contribution to alleviate the problems of marginalized and economically weaker people. I am humbled here to say that the collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders has resulted in shifting from only addressing the cause of slum dwellers to also include social and economic inclusion of a larger deprived people.

Our allegiance to the ethos and values that sustains us remains unscathed, but we have adapted to new approach, technology and initiatives in adherence to external changes, to enhance the effectiveness of our programmes for the holistic all-round development of the people.

Responding to the demands that are beneficial to a wider segment of the society is critical to Adhikar’s objective and the area of our intervention is the evidence of our priorities. In Skill development we focus in bridging the skill gap of the youth. We strongly believe in the idea of “Entrepreneurship” as the driving force behind sustainable development of the marginalized communities. Our efforts are concentrated on scale-up the capacity of the youth for employment and entrepreneurship by imparting skill. Our initiatives in Water and Sanitation are similarly focused. Fulfilling the motto of Swachh Bharat Mission we work to educate the people on the importance of improving health and hygiene, types of diseases and its root cause and the preventive cure, so that they live a healthy life and be more productive. We are also working on creation of low cost infrastructure for accessibility of water and toilet which ensure safe drinking water and hygiene toilet.

We further emphasise on the Disaster Response services to the vulnerable communities during and after crisis period. Odisha’s geo-climatic condition and its high degree of socio-economic vulnerability make it one of the most disaster prone states in India. Being one of the pioneers of Disaster Mitigation Mission (ODMM) in Odisha, Adhikar provide immediate and effective relief and rehabilitation service to the affected people. With the tireless effort of our staff and other stakeholders we have responded successively during Supper Cyclone, Phailin, Titli and Fani and impacted the lives of many.

Adhikar also focuses on Livelihood restoration, Cloth for Work, Financial Inclusion, and Affordable Housing, to improve the lives of people living in the bottom of the pyramid. The commitment and obligation in which we undertake the responsibility to create a difference is vital to us at Adhikar and consequently the people we intervene.   While the aspirations of the people are increasing and they are ready to run an extra mile to make their dream a reality, having years of experience in social transformation and by utilizing our resources, we will continue to work to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve.