Digging Canal for the Second Crop

By August 30, 2020September 24th, 2020Annual Reports, Stories of Change-Cloth for Work

Rabati Naik is from Polingpada village, Thuamul Rampur block, Kalahandi. Mother of 3 children, is a homemaker. The family cultivated a small patch of land and earned their livelihood from it. The scarcity of water during the off-season and lack of irrigation facilities couldn’t have a second crop. A stream near the field continues to flow throughout the year but the absence of a proper canal makes it useless for the paddy field. Adhikar through Cloth for Work program mobilized and empowered the villagers to identify and solve the problem.  With the support from the villagers 1 km long canal was dug to draw water from the stream. According to her, the canal will now help her family and others in the village to have a continued supply of water for them enabling them to cultivate a second crop.