A Small Credit Intervention Strengthened Her Financially

By August 29, 2020October 21st, 2020Case Studies, Stories of Change-Livelihood Restoration

Swapna Tripathy is from Kasamal, Kantabanji, Balangir. The mother of two children is a homemaker. Until a few years ago Swapna’s financial condition was hinged on extreme poverty. Her husband works as a mechanic in a bike garage. Small income forced them to live on various difficulties. At times they run out of money to manage daily household expenses.

Swapna came to know about Adhikar through one of the organization’s existing SHG operating in their village. Despite many uncertainties, she mustered the strength to borrow Rs 10000 from the organization. She started a small ration shop with money. As their business started growing they successfully repaid the existing debt and availed a second loan. With the second loan, she purchased a computer with a printer. She holds a diploma in Computer, which enabled her to start basic computer-related works alongside the ration shop. Now she earns around 12000 rupees a month from the business. Earlier, she was uncertain about their future and yet a small yet crucial intervention from Adhikar changed their destiny.