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 Adhikar has setting up of a capacity building centre, only one of its kind in the entire state. This centre named as MFRDC-Micro Finance Resource Development Centre caters to all types of training and development needs of various players operating in the area of micro finance. With the help of promoter-partner, Miseror of Germany, Adhikar has started this centre. The activities of this centre include training and development of skills of people involved at all levels i.e. filed staff, managers, Board of Directors, entrepreneurs, NGOs, Self Help Cooperative practitioners, faculty-trainers etc. Various constructive activities such as planning and product development and Management Development Programmes etc have been taken up to make this MFRDC a truly learning and research centre of highest quality standards.

Training is a process of empowerment, is not a debatable issue. But who needs training and what kind of training is yet to be established. In the scenario Adhikar has taken a bold step to come forward with a full-fledged package. MFRDC has emerged out of need not of completion.

In the president context Micro-finance activities are slowly getting momentum. Let us come forward to establish our skill and knowledge and take the benefit from one of the outstanding MF   Programme.


In Orissa Micro Finance Programme is an emerging sector. With the involvement of GOs, NGO; Bankers, the out reach of MFI sector has touched a remarkable number i.e. more than two Lakh SHGs. Apart from this models, various other models of development financial systems are also operating i.e. GRAMEEN MODEL & INDIVIDUAL MODEL, CO-OPERATIVE MODEL etc.


Although the growth of SHGs is rapid in last three years, but that is only on quantity not quality. The lacking in quality is with the promoters, managers, and leaders & with their members. Besides the SHGs model, other models of MFI are in infant stage. Both the implementers and clients have less intervention and awareness on it. While other states are moving ahead we are still in the developing stage.

The effect of which is in: -
-Management of Programme, System and standard, which leads to 
-Management of portfolio
-Management of clients
-Management information System
-Programme Viability and sustainability

The Commitment of Adhikar lies in various sectors

  • Promotion of Self-Help Groups as step to wards building the village level organizations.
  • Replication of Grameen model, a graduation process for co-operative 
  • Promotion of cooperatives to develop member owned organization
  • Implementation of Individual Model.
  • Hand holding support in promotion of Co-operatives
  • Formation and management of various models of MFI


  • The NGOs those are promoting Micro Finance.
  • The companies registered in section 25,NBFC
  • The Co-operative promoters & Leaders.

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