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  Adhikar works in quest of exploitation free and balanced society based on human value of love peace freedom equality where social and economic justice are ensured and each human being regardless of cast creed religion can exercise his/her basic and fundamental rights with a dignified manner and feels himself / herself to be instrumental for his/her socio-economic development in an atmosphere of social harmony.  
  Our mission is economic and political empowerment of the marginalized and deprive communities in rural and urban area of Orissa through ensuring and effective flexible and responsible financial service system and safeguarding there fundamental human rights which will help these helpless people for a just meaningful living  

At this critical juncture I congratulate all those who have worked hard to help Adhikar to reach at this stage. At the same time I would like to say that there is no room for complacency and we have to build our state to a growth path. As of now we are working with 50.000 poor, who are victims of economic disparity and social injustice.

Adhikar has taken a vow, to reach out at least a quarter of vast population, who are called as poor (Below Poverty Line in the records of Government). Of course, Orissa is on the track of the development. Many initiatives in the nook and the corner of state go un notice from the mainstream media and policy makers. The efforts put by many silent workers and institutions are going to create a development history. Adhikar’s effort is one of that and we are happy to announce that our effort will soon take a shape and bring Orissa in the development mainstream of the world.


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